Image courtesy of The New Zealand Story

Image courtesy of The New Zealand Story

Making screen productions in New Zealand is good for your budget. New Zealand offers attractive financial incentives and business benefits.

Incentives for international production

The New Zealand Screen Production Grant gives you a Government-backed rebate of 20% on Qualifying New Zealand Production Expenditure (QNZPE) and for the Post, Digital and Visual Effects (PDV) Grant 20% for the first $25 million of QNZPE, and thereafter at 18% of QNZPE. This is a grant, not a tax rebate.

Base grant



There's also the possibility of an invitation to apply for an extra 5% Uplift for certain projects that can demonstrate significant economic benefits to New Zealand.

Find out more about the New Zealand Screen Production Grant.

No fringes

New Zealand crew members are generally self-employed contractors. There are no compulsory union fringe obligations or personal benefits such as holiday pay and health, government levies or union dues.

This is a significant advantage over other territories.*

New Zealand






United States


* Current as of 1 July 2017

Simple, low-cost tax system

There are no regional, state, or provincial sales taxes in New Zealand.

Once you've registered for New Zealand’s Goods and Services Tax (GST), you can claim back the 15% GST incurred on the purchase of any goods and services. New Zealand's GST is zero-rated on exported goods and services (including exported films, television programmes and television commercials).


GST Refund

Most film crews operate as self-employed individuals or through service companies, and are responsible for their own tax.

New Zealand has 58 Double Taxation Agreements, including the USA, UK and Australia.

For tax details and obligations, visit the Inland Revenue Department website. 

No-fault accident cover

The New Zealand Government's Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) offers comprehensive no-fault personal injury cover to visitors to New Zealand as well as all New Zealand residents for most injuries. Cover for an injury will allow you to receive treatment and rehabilitation, and possibly compensation for lost wages. 

ACC will fund or contribute to these costs while you recover, but you will not be able to sue for damages under New Zealand law.

Stable and safe

New Zealand is a small, diverse, democratic nation and one of the safest places in the world to live and work.

New Zealand


World Bank's Doing Business index, June 2014



Deutsche Bank's Quality of Life Survey

New Zealand


Perceived lack of corruption in Transparency International's Perceived Corruption Index 2014

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