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Made in Auckland for more than a decade, Power Rangers is one of the top rated and longest running kids' live-action television shows. It airs in over 150 markets worldwide.

The series was originally produced in New Zealand by The Walt Disney Studios. When Saban Brands reacquired Power Rangers in 2010, the production remained in the country.

Owned by global entertainment giant Saban Brands, the Power Rangers franchise is the brainchild of Haim Saban, creator and producer of the original 1993 hit series, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

The show is now in its 22nd season (and its 10th season made in New Zealand), Power Rangers Dino Charge.

Ninja Storm - 2003
Operation Overdrive - 2007
RPM - 2009

Power Rangers in New Zealand

Over the years the producers have found everything they need to make the show in Auckland – crew, cast, locations, sound stages and post-production facilities. Over the seasons New Zealand has provided:

Behind-the-scenes: Power Rangers Dino Charge

Interview with Executive Producer Judd 'Chip' Lynn

Find out what Executive Producer, Judd 'Chip' Lynn thinks about living and working in New Zealand.

The Black Power Ranger (New Zealand Ranger)

Power Rangers Dino Charge stars Auckland actor James Davies as Chase Randall, the Black Ranger. Chase, a native New Zealander, is a keen skateboarder who speaks with a kiwi accent.

"Playing a New Zealand character on an international TV series is a wonderful opportunity to share a little piece of New Zealand with the rest of the world." - James Davies

The New Zealand Ranger

Introducing Chase, the Black Power Ranger....

Behind the NZ episodes

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