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New Zealand is home to some of the most talented and experienced screen professionals and companies anywhere in the world. 

The film and television industry has cut its teeth on some of the largest and most complex international productions of the past 15 years and includes multiple Emmy and Academy Award®-winners in its ranks.  

New Zealand's reputation for delivery and problem solving is second to none. 

We have the crew-depth, facilities, talented cast and technical wizards you need to bring your project to life here. Talk to us.

Hiring New Zealand cast, crew and businesses can also help you to meet incentive points tests:


I’ve found a different attitude to other countries; here you have people that genuinely enjoy the job of working on movies – they’re excited about it.

James Cameron - Director

Line production and financial services

With their in-depth knowledge of how things work here, New Zealand line producers, UPMs, production accountants and service companies hold the key to making your project run smoothly.

They can give practical on-the-ground advice, and help with everything you need from budgeting your production to setting up special purpose vehicles. Many of our local screen companies also provide line production services.

We can help put you in touch with the people you need.

Heads of department and crew

Our heads of department and crew are known for being some of the best in the world. From stunt performers to sound recordists, they have a reputation for being passionate about the work they do – a factor that’s helped them win a raft of international awards, and keeps them in demand with international filmmakers.

Your New Zealand line producer will be able to assist you in finding the people you need for your project. Contact us for more information. You can also view listings:

Grant Major - Oscar-winning production designer
Ngila Dickson - Oscar-winning costume designer
Stuart Dryburgh - Oscar-nominated cinematographer
…we hired almost our entire crew from New Zealand... The big X Factor here is that the crew and the cast bought in creatively. It wasn’t just a job, it wasn’t just another gig, they really believed in what we were trying to achieve and they gave everything they had to help us achieve it."

Gary Foster - Producer, Emperor


New Zealand’s superb acting talent represents a diverse range of looks and ethnicities with international acting expertise. The country is home to an impressive group of experienced actors and talent who have worked on high-profile international projects such as Top of the Lake, Avatar, Power Rangers and many more.

The Hobbit:


of 13 dwarves played by New Zealand actors

Special Effects

New Zealand has extensive screen experience as a creator of hugely detailed imaginary and re-created worlds through conceptual design and physical manufacturing. This expertise extends into special effects, prosthetics, makeup and costume design and weaponry design and creation – with an emphasis on attention to detail and quality.  


The work of New Zealand companies is showcased in productions such as:

Weta Workshop - Droids from Elysium. Photo by Steve Unwin.
Main Reactor - Legend of the Seeker Gar creature

Equipment Suppliers

Our well-established screen industry is supported by very experienced local companies. We deliver complex productions of scale, and have the equipment you need in production bases around the country, providing everything from lighting, camera and grip equipment to state-of-the-art make-up trucks.

Spartacus - gaffer Tony Blackwood points a 20kW lamp. Photo by Matt Klitscher.  

You can view equipment supplier listings in the New Zealand Data Book.


New Zealand is the location of choice for some of the world's most high-profile brands to create their campaigns. 

Built on more than three decades of international expertise (and a domestic industry that stretches back to the 1960s) our television commercial production (TVC) companies regularly work on ads for clients from around the globe. 


TVCs shot in 2013 (Statistics New Zealand)

Our reverse seasons (the opposite of Europe and the US), diversity of locations, and highly regarded crews with their problem-solving attitude make a compelling case for shooting in New Zealand. State-of-the-art post production and VFX complete the picture. 

Our creatives are regularly recognised by international awards, and full production and line production services are available. Contact NZAPG to find out more.

Sound Stages

New Zealand offers a variety of sound stage, studio and warehouse options for shooting your next project.

Both Auckland and Wellington have dedicated studio/soundstage spaces (listed alphabetically below) with offices, parking, backlot and workshops. There are a number of other studios and warehouse space which can be used for shooting in other regions including Christchurch, Queenstown and Dunedin. Contact Film New Zealand to find out more.

The Data Book has studio listings, and is a good source of contacts for your pack-shot and smaller studio requirements.

Auckland Film Studios

Set on a spacious 10.5-acre site and located close to the Henderson Business District, Auckland Film Studios consists of three sound stages. They are complemented by nine multi-purpose buildings, with canopies for all weather purposes. The studios offer office space, outdoor mill space and a range of business services.

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Three stages



Avalon Studios

Avalon offers a range of studios and production facilities. Located on 2.45 hectares in Lower Hutt, a short 20-minute drive from central Wellington, Avalon has an extensive backlot, production offices, helicopter pad, café and ample parking. 

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Five stages



Kelly Park Film Studio

Set in the rural landscape of Wainui, 35km North of Auckland's CBD, Kelly Park is a 4,538m2 (48,846ft2) studio situated on 3.78 ha of land consented for filming. The studio features an earth floor that can be modified for your production and a flexible space for offices and workshops. 

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One Stage



Kumeu Film Studio

On a 27 hectare/67 acre site just 25 minutes from downtown Auckland, Kumeu hosts a converted warehouse containing a 4,036m2/43,448ft2 stage area, 9m-11m/30-36ft high. The site also includes workshops (6,160m2/66,305 ft2), office space (1,215m2/13,084 ft2), a huge forest backlot (12 hectare/30 acres), a dive tank (18m/59.5ft diameter, maximum depth 4.9m/16ft) and an ocean horizon tank with green screen wall.

For more information contact [email protected]

Two Stages


43,448 ft2

Stone Street Studios

The Stone Street complex in Wellington houses New Zealand's most extensive shooting stages, including the 24,500 square foot "Kong" stage. Facilities include warehouse, production office, costume and makeup amenities, large backlot and car park areas.

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Nine stages



Studio West

Studio West is set on eight acres and is just 20 minutes from downtown Auckland. Along with the three sound stages facilities, it includes offices, art departments, wardrobe buildings, construction, paint and prop-making workshops, and three acres of backlot. 

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Three stages



Post-production, VFX and Animation

With ultra-fast connectivity, wherever you are in the world you can take advantage of New Zealand's outstanding post-production and visual effects facilities.

We offer sound and picture post, music scoring, animation and visual effects for all types of film and television production. 

The time offset between New Zealand, Asia and the United States offers clear and convenient windows of communication.

New Zealand offers a generous incentive for Post, Digital and VFX (PDV) production, enabling you to undertake all or part of your post or VFX work here. 

Employing the services of New Zealand companies can also help your production pass the Significant Economic Benefits points test (for a five per cent grant uplift).

Beyond the Edge - Digipost, image © GFC (Everest) Ltd 
What We Do in the Shadows - Park Road Post Production
National Geographic's Known Universe - Sauce FX Studios



New Zealand has a range of post-production companies throughout the country delivering outstanding results for big and small screens, from dailies through to delivery. 

Aspera and SohoNet are commonly used for digital dailies deliveries, remote sound, online and colour grade reviews through to final international delivery.


New Zealand companies have experience working with the major US studios and numerous international producers and directors. From new camera formats, the latest sound mixing technologies such as Dolby Atmos, to higher frame-rate productions, New Zealand has the reputation, infrastructure and people to develop efficient bespoke workflows for film and television projects. 

48fps 3D

Peter Jackson's team pioneered the world's first 3D 48fps (High Frame Rate) technology for the Hobbit Trilogy.

Image © 2014 Warner Bros. Ent. and TM Saul Zaentz Co. 


Digital, Visual Effects

New Zealand boasts exceptional digital and visual effects companies in hubs in Auckland, Wellington and Dunedin. From high-end commercials to VFX intensive blockbuster movies like Dawn of the Planet of the Apes and television series like Spartacus, New Zealand has a VFX solution.

Complementary skill sets and collaboration between vendors allow scalability and capacity to complete larger multi-disciplined projects in realistic time frames.

Screen production is often an international collaboration  New Zealand is well experienced in this style of production. Innovative technologies, integrated communications hubs and live reviewing systems allow a seamless stress free delivery.

Weta Digital

Known for its innovation and artistry, the world-leading visual effects studio has won five Academy Science and Technology Awards in the past two years. In addition to Peter Jackson’s films, Weta Digital was the lead visual effects house on Avatar, and both Rise and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, and contributed substantially to blockbusters like The Avengers and Prometheus. Its pioneering virtual production workflows, performance capture and virtual camera use are leading the industry forward, combining traditional and digital production into seamless filmmaking. 
Image: The Adventures of Tintin 



New Zealand has more than 25 years of expertise in animation with a track record in international co-productions, fee for service, and the capacity to cater for any production size. 

Pipelines include motion capture (in Wellington and Auckland), CGI animation, mixed media, 2D digital (Toon Boom) and traditional 2D.

Hoops & Yoyo - Flux Animation,      © Hallmark Licensing, Inc.
Thunderbirds Are Go - © ITV Studios Ltd/Pukeko Pictures LP
The Penguins of Madagascar - Oktobor Animation


New Zealand offers a specific grant for Post, Digital and VFX (PDV) production. Companies offering a range of services are spread throughout the North and South Island: 

A = Animation, S = Sound, PP = Full Post Production, VFX = Visual Effects

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