The Vector File


THE VECTOR FILE tells the gripping story of the covert loss of a mutant strain of the DNA code for Smallpox from a secret Russian biological facility known as Vector. Its story revolves around the competing efforts by the Russians and a group of dangerous terrorists to retrieve the file.

Little Mattie Anderson is carrying the code around in her school satchel after accidentally printing out an email received on her Dad's computer. Afraid Dad will be angry after she draws all over the materials, she steals away with the printout and the chase is on.

The Russians send beautiful operative Sonya to recover the code. She competes with bad guy insider Paul to get the code back from the person they think has it, Mattie's Dad Gerry. In the process they threaten the lives of all around Gerry including Mattie's Mum, Margaret.

The story is set in the beautiful scenery of New Zealand. From the green countryside surrounding the sattelite station to the wild coastal beaches where Gerry seeks to hideaway from the dangers the world throws at him and his family.

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Colour 35mm Dolby