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The International Co-Development Fund (ICF) supports New Zealand producers who are working with an overseas partner on developing feature films. 

What we fund

It is anticipated that projects applying to the International Co-Development Fund will be structured to qualify for the New Zealand Screen Production Rebate (NZSPR) for New Zealand Productions and Official Co-Productions either as a) containing significant New Zealand content or b) an official co-production.

Who can apply

New Zealand producers, who must have suitable relevant credits and multi-party closing experience. The applicant is required to have at least one lead producer credit on a feature film (which screened theatrically) of substantial contractual scale, whether an official co-production or involving a multi-party production financing agreement. If the application is being made in the name of a company, it must be in the name of a New Zealand company.

How to apply

Please read the International Co-Development Fund Guidelines before registering for an account to apply online at The person applying should be your New Zealand based producer.

Apply now

You can invite team members who also have an account to collaborate on the application. Only one collaborator can work on the application at any one time, this eliminates risk of overwriting collaborator data. 

What you need

  • Producer’s statement – including information about the overseas partner
  • Development budget, timeline and financing information
  • Creative material – including genre, logline, synopsis and story documents
  • Rights - evidence that  you have the rights to make the film 
  • Key personnel
  • Information about any other Film Commission projects and funding.


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New Zealand Filmmakers, Established filmmakers
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Tuesday, 14 May 2024