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The Premium Contingency Fund is a special purpose discretionary fund that has been established to respond to unforeseen challenges to Premium Productions.

The Fund will support Premium Productions in unexpected circumstances and to avoid abandonment, where other funding sources are not sufficient to manage unexpected budget overages.

Submission and Eligibility Period Deadlines

Applications for the Fund can be submitted at any time up until the Fund limit is reached (Submission Deadline).  Premium Productions experiencing unexpected circumstances from within the period beginning Tuesday 1 November 2022 up until the Fund limit is reached are eligible for assistance (Eligibility Period).

He aha ngā kaupapa tono - What can I apply for?

Unexpected budget overages during production or postproduction. There is no cap on the amount that you can apply for, but funding is limited. Enhancements to the approved script and/or approved schedule can be considered but may be adjusted or declined. Related party transactions that are commercially reasonable can be considered but may be adjusted or declined.  The NZFC has discretion to exclude other costs.

Ko wai ka āhei ki te tono - Who can apply

To be eligible for the Premium Contingency Fund, applicants must:

  • be a NZ citizen or permanent resident;
  • be the (or one of the) NZ producer/s of a Premium Production;
  • be the same company or individual who has received or been offered Premium Production funding;
  • have been unable to meet the approved budgeted costs of the Premium Production due to unforeseen circumstances occurring within the Eligibility Period;
  • have exhausted all options to meet the budget overage of the Premium Production with funding available from indemnity, insurance, completion bond, other Government support mechanisms or any other funding source (including third party financiers or investors);
  • have not abandoned the Premium Production and must, in the NZFC’s opinion, have a reasonable likelihood of it reaching completion and delivery;
  • have (or share, if a co-production) all necessary rights to produce and distribute the Premium Production;
  • where applicable, be able to demonstrate that cultural considerations, protocols, and personnel relating to Māori interests have been appropriately considered and established; and,
  • provide required documentation as outlined in the Premium Contingency Fund Guidelines and the Premium Contingency Fund Submission Checklist.

Me pēhea te tono - How to apply

Please read the Premium Contingency Fund Guidelines before applying. Unless otherwise advised, apply using the online application portal at This fund will be open shortly. 


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