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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

We are pleased to announce the shortlist for Fresh Shorts 2013.

The level of competition for funding remains high with 235 applications across both funding levels.

The 16 funded films will be decided by a panel consisting of Tina Cleary, Daniel Joseph Borgman and Chris Dudman, as well as two members of our development team.

The successful applicants will be announced on our website and the Fresh Shorts Facebook page no later than Friday 30 August.

We congratulate the following shortlisted teams:

Fresh 10

Actually Alex – Ness Simons (writer/director), Bonnie Low & Jules Lovelock (producers)

Adrift (animation) – Yannick Gillain (writer/director), Shinji Dawson & Felix Telfer (writers)

Brides (documentary) – Jo Randerson (director), Jeremy Macey (producer)

Fathers & Sons (documentary) – Ryan Alexander Lloyd (director)

Goodbye Ted – Peter Haynes (director), Ged Maybury (writer), Hweiling Ow & Ascia Maybury (producers)

Home – Chris Molloy (director), Aroha Awarau (writer/producer)

How To Be Together – Oliver Page (writer/director), Alix Whittaker & Anna Duckworth (producers)

Meet Peter (documentary) – Gemma Duncan (director)

Mouse – Lani-Rain Feltham (writer/director)

On The Day I Love You More Than My Phobias – Sam Gill (writer/director), Alan Brash (producer)

Penguin Oil (animation) – Felicity Moore (writer/director), Hannah Walker (producer)

Puawai and Manahi Hone Kouka (writer/director), Aaron Watson & Miria George (producers)

Ripple – Joey Bania (director), Bronwyn Tainui (writer), George Dawes (producer)

Scruff Ed Lust (writer/director)

Shaggy Dog Nick Ward (writer/director), Michelle Turner (producer)

Starfish Prime Sam Behrend (writer/director)

Stick To Your Gun – Joe Hitchcock (writer/director)

The Last Moa – Alan D. Parr (director), Alan D. Brash (writer/producer)

The Pirate Boy – Joel Garman (writer/director), Jaimee Poipoi (producer)

The Roar – Nick Mayow (writer/co-director), Prisca Bouchet (co-director)

The White Hart – Ghazaleh Golbakhsh (writer/director), Sarah Cook (producer)

Unit 6 – Jane Sherning Warren (writer/director)

Fresh 30

Break In The Weather – Aidee Walker (writer/director), Morgan Leigh Stewart & Alexander Gandar (producers)

Clean Hands Save Lives – Katherine McRae (writer/director), Migiwa Ozawa (producer)

Crossing – Rebecca Hobbs (writer/director), Paul Horan (producer)

Danger – Matt Holmes (director), Glenn Wood (writer), Zara Hayden (producer)

Each To Their Own – Maria Ines Manchengo (writer/director), Lani Feltham (producer)

Five Ways Of Ceasing To Exist – Paul Janman (writer/director), Eric A. Lewis (writer) Echo Zeanah Janman (producer)

Food For Thought – Patricia Robins (writer/director), Robin Murphy & Paul Murphy (producers)

Hunt’s Point – Shahir Daud (writer/director), Shivali Gulab (producer)

Jonny & God – Andy Campion (writer/director), Hayden Weal (writer), Kelly Kilgour (producer)

Mad Pearse  –  Christopher Campbell (writer/director), Rosie Knight (writer), Roko Babich & Sid Sathe (producers)

Marry Me – Michael Beran (writer/director), Rachel House (producer)

New Day – Charlie Bleakley (director), Sarah Boddy (writer), Alex Clark (producer)

Remote – Wade Shotter (writer/director), Levi Slavin (writer), Leela Menon (producer)

Ron – Mick Andrews (writer/co-director), Brett O’Gorman (co-director), Jozsef Fityus (producer)

Silks – Theo Gordon (writer/director), Steve Barr & Dot Kyle (producers)

Spring Jam (animation) – Ned Wenlock (director), Christopher Brandon (writer), Georgiana Taylor (producer)

The Boy That Never Was (animation) – Michael Asquith (writer/director), Sue Rogers (producer)

The Credenza – Dane Giraud (director), Hanna Eichler (writer), Summer Wharekawa (producer)

Tits On A Bull – Tim Worrall (writer/director), Piripi Curtis (producer)

Tree – Lauren Jackson (writer/director), Jeremy Macey & Andrew Cochrane (producers)

We Kill (documentary) – David White (co-director/producer), Paul Wedel (co-director)

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Friday, 2 August 2013