Issue date: 
Thursday, 2 May 2024

Te Tumu Whakaata Taonga NZ Film Commission Request for Proposals for:

NZFC Industry Led Talent Development Fund

This is an exciting new fund of $1.2m per annum for industry led talent development initiatives, with a funding cap of $600,000 per initiative.

The New Zealand Film Commission is seeking proposals from organisations or companies with a global focus and high-level filmmaking expertise, who can create world-class talent development opportunities for New Zealand filmmakers. Proposals are sought from organisations with the capability to administer, manage and deliver the successful initiatives.

The preference for this RFP is for initiatives with an above-the-line focus, however consideration may be given to initiatives targeting below-the-line talent.

Please see attached PDF for detailed information. 

DEADLINE: 5pm JUNE 4, 2024

Please direct all inquiries to:  Te O Kahurangi Waaka Pou Whakahaere:


Industry Led Talent Development Fund Q&As 

What level of career should this fund be pitched to? 

We are keeping an open mind.  Could be emerging but we are also interested in mid-career.  

Should the focus be on feature filmmaking as an outcome? 

The focus is on the talent development of filmmakers, in particular talent looking at pathways to make feature films.  

Are you open to some of the budget being on travel, be it experts coming to NZ or talent going overseas?   

This will come down to the overarching kaupapa and a focus on a cohesive programme.  

Could it be a production company that delivers the programme?  

Yes, but the focus needs to be on talent development, it isn’t a subsidy for a production. 

Can the organisation applying be an overseas non-profit?  

The organisation making an application needs to be a NZ company. 

Are there examples of this work internationally that you like? 

Screen Australia and Netflix Grow Creative have great programmes for talent.  Screen Ireland has good examples of skills development for below-the-line. Internationally Incubators, Talent Labs and Producer Programmes have been successful.  

What level should the talent be? 

We are open to below-the-line however, above-the-line is a priority.  

Is this only a pilot or will consideration be given to enduring pathways and ongoing funding?  

We can only offer one year of funding at this time, with possibly a commitment in principle for a second year if a compelling case is put forward. 

Does the programme need to be delivered in the 2024-2025 financial year? 

The programme needs to have commenced in the 2024-2025 financial year.  

Is there a preference to engage organisations that have already delivered programmes?  

Not necessarily, we are open to considering any level of experience.  

Do we need to identify objectives within our proposals?  

The RFP outlines the relevant strategic objective.  Proposals should take into consideration the NZFC Rautaki and the Diversity and Inclusion Strategies.  

Can it be regionally focussed? 

Yes we would be open to that.  

Do you have to come in with your third party funding confirmed? Given the timeline it is unlikely that could be locked in. 

You don’t have to meet all of the criteria in the proposal.  




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Wednesday, 22 May 2024