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Monday, 8 May 2023

Feature Film Production Investment 

At the May 2023 Board Meeting, the NZFC Board approved a conditional offer of additional equity to one feature film. 


Producers: Belindalee Hope, Tom Hern and Klaudia Smieja-Rostworowska 

Writer/Director: James Napier Robertson 

Extended Screen Production Recovery Fund 

The NZFC approved grant funding for one new application: 

After the Party (Series Drama) 

Producers: Helen Bowden, Liz DiFiore, Peter Salmon 

Director: Peter Salmon 

Lead Writer: Dianne Taylor 

The fund remains open for applications for direct costs due to COVID-19 events affecting productions before June 2023. 

Premium Contingency Fund 

The COVID-19 Subcommittee approved conditional equity to one application: 

After the Party (Series Drama) 

Producers: Helen Bowden, Liz DiFiore, Peter Salmon 

Director: Peter Salmon 

Lead Writer: Dianne Taylor 

Feature Film Finishing Grant 

Three applications to the Feature Film Finishing Grant have been approved: 

Ms. Information 

Logline: A polarising pink haired scientist reveals that being a woman, expert and leader can be a dangerous formula in dangerous times. 

Producers: Alex Reed and Phillida Perry 

Director: Gwen Isaac 

Pacific Mother 

Logline: Having fought hard to get the birth she dreamed of, free diver Sachiko Fukumoto connects with other ocean-women battling for a world where all people are supported in their birth choices.   

Producers: Migiwa Ozawa and Shin Yamaguchi 

Executive Producer: Alex Reed 

Supervising Producer: Karin Williams  

Writer/Director: Katherine McRae 

Brown vs Brown 

Logline: A son explores his late father’s mid-century, modernist architecture and the tension between the Regionalists – (looking at a New Zealand vernacular) and his group the Internationalists (looking at the best the world had to offer). Something even made him change his name. We find out what, and more about this fascination time in New Zealand’s architectural history. 

Producer/Writer/Director: Simon Mark-Brown 

(The fund remains open for independently financed films who meet the criteria including for distribution and reaching audiences). 

Advanced Development Funding 

Two applications to Advanced Development Funding have been approved: 

Bad House 

Producer: Sue Thompson 

Writer/Director: Andrew Beattie  

Holy Days  

Producer: Emma Slade and Victoria Dabbs  

Writer/Director: Nathalie Boltt  

Boost Funding 

Boost Investment Funding supports the growth and sustainability of mid-career to experienced producers and established screen businesses with a strong slate of long-form screen projects.  

We received over twenty eligible applications for Boost 2023 with a total ask of over $1.5 million. The overall calibre of the submissions from producers and screen businesses was extremely high.   

All applications were assessed on the strength of slate, track record and expertise of the key business personnel and the strength of the applicant’s business model, following the Boost funding guidelines.  

Eight applicants were successful in receiving Boost funding this year, with a total award of over $580k: 

Bloom Pictures — Alex Reed 

Greenstone TV Ltd — Harriet Crampton 

Kevin and Co Ltd — Cam Bakker 

StellaFilm Ltd — Robin Laing 

The Down Low Concept Limited— Nigel McCulloch 

This Too Shall Pass Ltd — Chelsea Winstanley 

Wheke Group/Jawbone Pictures — Reikura Kahi  

Yalla Media Ltd — Alex Lee  

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Friday, 12 May 2023