Issue date: 
Thursday, 29 February 2024


The New Zealand Film Commission has started consultation with employees on a proposal for changes to its organisational structure. 

“Over recent months we have heard from all our stakeholders that the way the Film Commission is organised and how we work needs to evolve to better meet expectations,” said New Zealand Film Commission CEO Annie Murray. 

“In a rapidly evolving industry with new challenges, new technologies and growing competition, we need to make sure that we are relevant, we are focused, and we use our resources to target how we can best add value to an industry of significant importance to New Zealand and New Zealanders.   

“The New Zealand Film Commission has a proud history of influence and delivery in support of an industry that we have seen grow, develop, and succeed and now it’s time for us to change so that we are set up to deliver well on our strategic priorities, achieve results within our very constrained funding environment and – most importantly of all – ensure we can properly engage with, support and deliver for the film industry into the future.” 

The Film Commission has shared the proposal with employees, outlining where changes could be made and the process it will be adopting to consult with its people before any decisions are made.  

A confidential, two-week consultation process will wrap up on Friday, 8 March after which feedback will be considered before any further decisions are made. 

“My focus for the coming weeks is on listening to our teams’ feedback on our proposed changes. The commission will provide further updates after we have heard from our people and considered their feedback,” said Murray.  



Last updated: 
Friday, 1 March 2024