Clemont-Ferrand in France is one of the world's leading short film festivals.

Who goes?

The event attracts more than 100,000 visitors for its annual film festival and marketplace.The festival's top prize, the Grand Prix, carries an award of 4,000 Euros.

What films do they show?

Clermont-Ferrand hosts three competitive sections: 

  • International Competition (which includes about 70 short films each year)
  • Lab Competition (for films made using digital media) 
  • National Competition (devoted to French films)

The festival also organizes retrospectives of rarely screened short films based around a country or theme.

New Zealand films at Clermont-Ferrand

New Zealand short films that have screened at Clermont Ferrand include:


Choice Night

The Six Dollar Fifty Man

Betty Banned Sweets

Killing Phillip 

Taua - War Party 

Last updated: 
Tuesday, 11 August 2015